Saturday, March 22, 2014

SAMH: Opening - Art Exhibition: Portions of Blessings 26 Mar 2014

Hello Kelvin, 
You are invited to the following event:
Event to be held at the following time, date and location:
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 from 18:30 to 21:00 (SGT)
Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Rd


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"Portions of Blessings" is an exhibition of artworks done by participants at SAMH Creative Hub, expressing what is "Blessing" to them.
"Love Without Walls" was a programme conducted by Creative Hub for caregivers which included art & craft, psychodrama and lyric composition. The book of the same title documents the caregivers' experiences at the expressive sessions and also their stories of caregiving.

On 26 Mar, we are proud to invite you to the opening of the art exhibition and the concurrent book launch at Goodman Arts Centre, The Gallery @Block B.

There are also illustration and writing workshops conducted on 29 & 3
0 Mar.

To RSVP or to find out more, please email or call 6344-8451.

Warmest regards,
Singapore Association for Mental Health

Friday, March 21, 2014

Announcement: Change in Modus Operandi of Greysteppenwolf Blog

Dear readers,

Having received the following reply from SPH, I will change the mode of operation of this blog as follows:

1) There will no longer be full SPH articles on this blog. Periodic updates on the Singapore mental health scene will continue and will be done using mainly SPH articles, but only with the links provided. Commentary may be provided but is optional. As such, updates will probably be given in bulk on a more or less periodic schedule on this blog. Additionally, links to the articles may be reposted on my Facebook Page, which I think is allowed by SPH.

2) Previously posted SPH articles would remain in draft mode on this blog and will not be available to readers. If commentary is to be given, a link will be provided to the original article. You can email me to request for SPH published information and I will do a search on my database and give you the link, if any, or selected information.

3) Articles which are not of SPH origin will be put back up on this blog. This ironically means that more unforgiving and critical commentaries will make up the bulk of reposted articles on this blog.

And since Sebastian Chow from SPH is unable to nail me with any evidence of business dealings or commercial activities on my blog, the profiles of Dr Ang Yong Guan and Dr Yeo Seem Huat are back up, sans the SPH articles. The profile of Dr Alex Su is an SPH article, so I'll try to do an original writeup for him.

As for the "Recovery from mental illness in Singapore" series, most of them are SPH articles, so I might try to original writeup or fresh interviews. What do you readers think?

The final reply from SPH is as follows. No apology was given for insinuating that I monetised my blog to take advantage of SPH. Of course, financially I have no recourse to a lawyer, so the point is moot.

Lastly, feel free to give me feedback on the new modus operandi of this blog.

From: Sebastian Chow KC
Date: Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 6:01 PM
Subject: Permission to reproduce articles on
To: Kelvin Ng <>

Dear Kelvin

We thank you for your interest in hosting our content on your blog.

The content is the copyright of SPH and while we note that permission was granted to you in 2012 to host our articles on your blog, we would like to inform you that following a change in our business strategy and policy, we do not allow reproduction of our articles unless express written permission has been granted by us for every article. We raise this for your attention as we noted your extensive reproduction of our articles on your blog. Do note, however, that we have no objections to the use of links directing your readers to our articles via our websites.

If you have queries on the extent of reproduction permitted for copyrighted material, we recommend that you consult with an intellectual property lawyer who can advise you accordingly.

Thank you.

Sebastian Chow

Friday, March 14, 2014